The paths of memory: cultural routes between stazzi and Slow Life holidays

Stazzi and CUSSORGE: In ox cart on the paths of memory – 4,5 June 2011

This event was the preview of a model of service that the Muto di Gallura now provides available to its customers weary and alienated from everyday life, providing an opportunity to slow down the rhythm of life and a harmonious fusion of slow food and slow life, through the revival of typologies of rural life typical of the seven-nineteenth century, finding in the touch with nature, in the recovery of biological rhythms more ‘human and the uses and customs that were believed lost, an antidote to the frenzy generated by excessive exposure to stress of contemporary life.
All this is available to the honored guest or traveler of the past so that he may enjoy this holiday model not as a spectator but in person, drawing sure help for body and mind.


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