Stazzi e cussogghji – Spring in Gallura 2012

A weekend in Aggius by the discovery of the identity of places and traditions.
A look at the past to valorise the present and project themselves into the future. Saturday 9 and Sunday, June 10th was held the Festival of “The Carrulanti” and the “Transhumance”, a two-day event included in the Spring in Gallura 2012. With ox cart on the paths of memory.

On the first day of the Feast of The Carrulanti, June 9, starting at 9:30, at the farm “Il Muto di Gallura,” it has been possible see the “giogatura”, at the “shoeing oxen” and the preparation of the carts , which are then left at 15:30, crossing the center of the village in a procession to Marugnò , where was held from 16.30 pm, the conference focused on the issues of exploitation of cultural resources traditional land development and tourism . At the end of the day, from 19 hours, the streets of the old town were animated by the sounds and songs of the aggese tradition . Among the guests: Franco Madau, singer and expert in popular music, the singer Gian Mario Masu, and the accordionists Ireneo Massidda and Guido Vercellino. It has been also possible to see the demonstration of the warp, The Ordito, the ancient technique of tissue preparation, the preparation of bread in the old furnaces and to taste the local products.

“Transhumance” opened the second day. Sunday, June 10, at 9 am, we started from the resort “Puzzuganu” with the cattle to reach Aggius through the “Valley of the Moon.” The herds have passed through the town and during the day they have been moved by the ability of “truvadori” on foot and horseback. At 16, there was the preparation of ‘”Warp” in the streets of the historic center. Next, starting at 18, the choirs of Aggius accompanied by the band “Furia”, the magical Launeddas played by Andrea Pisu and Gian Carlo Seu, the accordionists, and Ireneo Massidda and Guido Vercellino, singer Gian Mario Masu and Franco Madau have animated the evening with their performances in the Piazza del Rosario. In the evening, at 21, the journalist Paolo Pillonca and the anthropologist Bachisio Bandinu have discussed the theme “The signs of identity”. The event concluded with the prize “Lu Carrulu” to Bachisio Bandinu and most authentic Truvadore (both on horseback and on foot).


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