Sardinia Slow Life philosophy

The Muto di Gallura fully embraces the philosophy of Slow Life or slow living, a concept that starts from the rediscovery of well-being through contact with nature

A holiday or a break at the Muto di Gallura will make you rediscover a lifestyle that is closer to the rhythms of nature

Stop with stress or anxiety: Muto di Gallura Slow Life is an invitation to come to Gallura, Northern Sardinia, to discover or re-discover the pleasure of slow living as opposed to the increasingly turbulent rhythms of everyday life.

… an ancient ‘stazzo’ in the heart of Gallura

The term ``stazzo`` derives from the Latin ``statio``, a station, a resting place. It is a typical Gallura rural settlement and at the same time indicates the peasant farm and the building in which the owner lives and consists of a roughly rectangular house built with granite blocks and divided into a maximum of two rooms. Outside the oven (lu furru) and a small warehouse (lu pinnenti) were often attached
The Farmhouse Il Muto di Gallura is surrounded by greenery, in a beautiful rural setting, between hills of cistus and myrtle, ancient olive trees, woods of corks and vineyards, where you can breathe the ancient scents of the land of Gallura, in a suggestive atmosphere of silence broken only by the wind and the sounds of nature. Here you live according to the rhythms of the seasons and respecting the past and local traditions.

It is the ideal starting point to discover a different, more genuine and real Sardinia, where everything flows according to a slowed clock compared to the frenzy of the contemporary world


…an ancient ‘stazzo’ in the hearth of Gallura