Farmhouse Il Muto di Gallura

Antico "Stazzo Gallurese"
In 1800, a feud between two families of shepherds that lasted decades, caused many victims and even today we hear talk of the ruthless killer nicknamed 'Il Muto di Gallura'. This legendary figure of a romantic bandit gave rise to the name of the homonymous farmhouse (Agriturismo), also equipped with a private hunting reserve.
The ``Azienda Agricola Agrituristica Il Muto di Gallura`` is a typical example of ``Stazzo Gallurese``, housing and productive human settlement which based in the past as nowadays their livelihoods and the economy on local products, through agricultural and livestock farming.

Located in the municipality of Aggius one km from the town and four km from Tempio Pausania, the stazzo is located at 550 m. height above sea level.

The farm offers guests an overnight stay with treatment of

B & B, Half Board and Full Board.

It also offers a healthy and traditional catering.

Cows, sheep, goats, poultry have been bred for generations: everything that comes from breeding and agriculture is transformed into cheese, salami, hams, vegetables in oil and in vinegar, wines and meats in general that are processed strictly following the traditional methods.

Our products are genuine because they derive from a natural agriculture that is at the base of the nourishment of our animals.