Sardinian traditional cuisine

Prodotti a Km 0 da coltivazioni e allevamento locale
For gourmets Agriturismo Il Muto di Gallura offers the typical products of the area:
wild boar, roast suckling pig, kid, gnocchi and ricotta ravioli as well as the renowned Zuppa Gallurese or Suppa Cuata.
Natural products


prepared with the simplicity of the Gallura tradition

The farm offers a healthy and traditional cuisine as it has been bred for generations cows, sheep, goats, poultry.
Everything that comes from breeding and agriculture is transformed here into cheeses, meats, hams, vegetables in oil and vinegar, wines and meats in general, which are processed strictly according to traditional methods.


All paired with tasty wines from the Gallura hills of own production.
The products are genuine because they derive from a natural agriculture,
at the base of the healthy nourishment of the animals.
The peasant tradition, far from any industrial contamination
Since 2016 Gianfranco Serra, owner of the “Il Muto di Gallura” Farmhouse, after years of careful research, makes available to the guests the wine cellar of the Muto di Gallura. This is the recovery of an ancient tradition of winemaking production, which generates extremely natural wines, vinifying grapes according to a healthy rural tradition, reds, whites and desserts express an original approach to wines initially reserved exclusively for the family and friends of the owners. Ask for a visit to the winery and to the vineyards from the hills to the sea of Gallura.
The farm Il Muto di Gallura produces and sells directly to the private Red and White wines of Sardinia,
produced according to the most genuine traditional procedures