Gastronomia tradizionale - Accoglienza - Riserva di caccia

The oxcart Museum

Cultural Routes between stazzi and holidays Slow Life: on cart in the paths of memory.
A service model that Muto di Gallura provides its customers weary and alienated from everyday life, to slow down the rhythm of life and combine harmonically slow food and slow life, through the revival of typologies of rural life, in contact with nature, in the retrieval of biological rhythms more 'human and customs that were believed lost.

Hospitality & Welcoming

A warm welcome in rooms furnished in typical Sardinian style. The farm offers accommodation in 3 rooms within the stazzu major and 10 small stazzi of the Cussorgia - small brick houses hidden in a peaceful forest of cork oaks - each with 1 double room and private bathroom, air conditioning, TV and private entrance.

Guest can divide their days between hunting, excursions, rest and rich banquets to the way the island.

Vineyard and Wine

Since 2016 Il Muto di Gallura, after years of painstaking research, offers its guests Wine and Vineyard sharing This is the recovery of an ancient tradition of winemakers, which produces extremely natural wine, ytrsting the grapes according to a healthy peasant tradition, Red, White and Dessert wines express an original approach to tasting, initially reserved exclusively to the family and friends of the owners. Visit the winery and the vineyards extended from the hills to the coast of Gallura.

Gastronomy and Tradition

The Agriturismo "Il Muto di Gallura" offers a healthy and traditional food, resulting from a farming which is also the base of the nourishment of the animals that are bred for generations.
All that is derived from breeding and agriculture is here transformed, following the traditional methods, in cheese, sausage, ham, pickled vegetables, meats and wines produced.
Among the items to try the wild boar ravioli with ricotta cheese and soup Gallura, of course, all sprinkled with wine and merriment.

Private hunting reserve

The farmhouse Il Muto di Gallura has a private game reserve for hunting.

The company covers about 500 hectares of forest and vegetation typically Mediterranean, a pristine territory in which hunters can enjoy and demonstrate their hunting ability.

The company is able to accommodate every season fans of hunting for entertaining and relaxing boar hunts, or Sardinian partridge, hare, quail and mallard hunting.

Wellness & Relax

By the farmhouse yard there is a large outdoor pool.

For a more comfortable and relaxing staying two new suites are also available:
the "room of the Commander" and "Manor Room", both with a Jacuzzi.

From November 2012, the Agriturismo il Muto di Gallura offers its guests a comfortable seating area with Jacuzzi, sauna and turkish bath.